Founder Statement:

The name of this organisation ‘Road to Education’ is both a mission and an admission. Having grown up on, and frequented a number of housing estates in 1980s -1990s London, it’s fair to say that my ‘Road Education’ was a pretty comprehensive one, which forms the backbone of my qualifications to reach out to today’s (and tomorrow’s) generations.

In the early 2000s I was invited to help coordinate and run a series of very successful educational workshops across the UK, primarily in deprived, inner city neighbourhoods. This merely whet my appetite and ignited my desire to do more for the youth as there was a clear lack of personnel with either the skills or desire to take up the challenges.

In terms of formal education I first graduated University with an FDSc and then returned to complete a BSc (Hon) degree. A decade ago I entered into the formal education system, completing my Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in the process. Since that time and to date I teach a number of subjects, which include Maths, English, History, ICT, and Sport & Business.

About Us:

Our primary objective is to address what we consider to be the missing elements within the UK educational system. This starts with a fair, and balanced perspective of historical events, (both positive and negative) as history has the ability to empower and dis-empower people.

As well as this we also believe that it is imperative that students have the opportunity to learn from those that they identify with on a number of levels as failure to recognise the importance of this can lead to de-motivation and ultimately lower achievement.

Without addressing these fundamental points, millions of students will continue to put through a system that has little or no interest in giving them a positive view of themselves, others or the world that we all must live in.