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Black and British: A Forgotten History

Black and British: A Forgotten History
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Published: 03/11/2016
In this vital re-examination of a shared history, historian and broadcaster David Olusoga tells the rich and revealing story of the long relationship between the British Isles and the people of Africa and the Caribbean. Drawing on new genealogical research, original records, and expert testimony, Black and British reaches back to Roman Britain, the medieval imagination, Elizabethan ‘blackamoors’ and the global slave-trading empire. It shows that the great industrial boom of the nineteenth century was built on…

You could not ask for a more judicious, comprehensive and highly readable survey of a part of British history that has been so long overlooked or denied. David Olusoga, in keeping with the high standards of his earlier books, is a superb guide. (Adam Hochschild)

Groundbreaking. (Observer)

[A] comprehensive and important history of black Britain . . . Written with a wonderful clarity of style and with great force and passion. It is thoroughly researched and there are many interesting anecdotes. (Kwasi Kwarteng The Sunday Times)

A radical reappraisal of the parameters of history, exposing lacunae in the nation’s version of its past. (Arifa Akbar Guardian)

A thrilling tale of excavation (Colin Grant Guardian)

Lucid and accessible. (Herald Scotland)

An insightful, inclusive history of black people in Britain . . . Rich in detail and packed with strong personalities, this is an important contribution to our understanding of life in the UK. (History Revealed)

Olusoga’s account challenges narrow visions of Britain’s past. By tracing the triangulated connections between Britain, America and Africa, he presents black British history in global terms […] His subjects, even those who barely figure in the historical record, appear as individuals who matter, both in their own right and as historical exemplars. (The London Review of Books)

Ambitious . . . Long overdue

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