Up from Slavery

Up from Slavery
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Published: 22/02/2016
First published serially in the Christian newspaper “The Outlook” in 1900, “Up from Slavery” is the classic autobiography of one of the most controversial figures in American history, Booker T. Washington. “Up from Slavery”, recounts Washington’s rise from a Virginia tobacco farm slave to his long standing tenure as President of the famed Tuskegee Institute of Alabama. Booker T. Washington was instrumental in helping to establish schools specializing in vocational training for minorities in order…

I cannot express my respect for Booker T. Washington enough. What a trailblazer! What an amazing, fabulous excuse for a human being! What he did cannot be replicated and he is someone that not only inspires me into finding some action to advance my race and that of people around me; but should be taught in every school, so that he can continue inspiring generations to come in the same way!

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